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1. Turn your VIC-20 OFF before inserting or removing the cartridge. 

2. Insert the cartridge (label side up) into the wide expansion port on the back of 
the computer. 

3. Turn the VIC-20 ON. After a second or two, the opening title should appear on 
the screen. (If the title doesn't appear, turn your VIC-20 off then back on). 


To center the picture use the 

keys. Each time you press the 


key, the picture will move to the right, and when the MM key is pressed, 
the picture will move towards the bottom of your TV screen. Keep using these two 
keys until you are satisfied the picture is centered within your screen. (NOTE: 
Once the game has begun you can not change the screen colors). 


On some TV sets with automatic fine tuning your screen may "flutter" up and 
down when using a computer or video game. To correct this, hold down the 

key and hit the ■!■ key. (NOTE: Doing this with a standard TV set 
may cause the screen to flutter). 


You are the lone defender of a starship outpost in a remote sector of our galaxy. In- 
vaders tumble and plunge toward the outpost attempting to destroy you. Your mis- 
sion is to defend the base against the invaders as they attack from 8 channels on 
both sides of the STAR POST. You must also defend against a SUPERALIEN which 
disrupts your viewscreen as it spirals Its way toward your STAR POST. There are 3 
different game versions: Beginner, Advanced and Hyper. You must maneuver your 
laser cannon in a circular or back-and-forth motion while firing on aliens. In addi- 
tion, your outpost is equipped with a special SUPERZAP laser which eliminates all 
aliens currently on your viewscreen. SUPERZAP are added at the rate of 1 per level, 
and unused ZAPS are stored for later use. Your STAR POST can withstand only 7 
alien hits per level of play. Each new level resets the number of hits to 0, but 8 hits in 
any one round destroys your STAR POST. 


In the Beginner version the object is to develop your firing and coordination skills. 
Beginner has 8 levels of play. This game starts at standard speed and has 
automatic firing. The number of alien objects approaching your STAR POST begins 
with 2 and increases to a maximum of 8. Aliens increase their speed gradually for 
each higher level of play, while your defending time is increased by 10 seconds per 


In the Advanced (normal) version the game starts at normal speed but there is no 
automatic firing. Each object must be zapped individually. The advanced version 
has 99 levels of play. The number of alien objects attacking your outpost begins 
with 2 and increases to a maximum of 16. The number of aliens and the speed of 
those aliens increases with each consecutive level of play. Your game playing time 
increases at a rate of 10 seconds per level. 


The Hyper version is designed for advanced players. It features a very fast rate of 
speed for the aliens, which gets faster as you complete each round. The Hyper 
Version has automatic firing and 99 levels of play. Like the Advanced version, at- 
tacking aliens appear on your screen 2 at a time, and increase to 16. For each level 
successfully defended you will have 10 seconds of time added to your next level of 


STAR POST is designed to be used with the JOYSTICK, PADDLE, or KEYBOARD. 
Plug your joystick or paddle into CONTROL PORT-1. Paddles are recommended. 



Push the joystick to the RIGHT to rotate your laser cannon in a CLOCKWISE direc- 
tion. Push the joystick to the LEFT to rotate your laser cannon in a COUNTER- 
CLOCKWISE direction. To use the SUPERZAP laser pull the joystick toward you. 


Turn your paddle CLOCKWISE to rotate your laser cannon CLOCKWISE. Turn your 
paddle COUNTERCLOCKWISE to rotate your laser cannon COUNTERCLOCK- 
WISE. Hit ANY KEY to use the SuperZap. 


There are 3 different fire modes, AUTO FIRE, NON-AUTO FIRE and SUPERZAP. 
AUTO FIRE operates in both the Beginner and the Hyper versions. NON-AUTO 
FIRE must be used in the Advanced version. SUPERZAP is available in all 3 ver- 
sions. To use Automatic Firing, hold down the fire button on either your joystick or 
paddle. If you're using the keyboard then simply hold down the SPACEBAR. Non- 
Automatic Firing requires that you press the fire button or space bar each time you 
shoot. Use the fire button on your paddle or joystick, or the SPACEBAR on the 
keyboard when in the Non-Auto Fire mode. To fire a SUPERZAP pull DOWN on the 
joystick while pressing the fire button. If you're using a paddle hit ANY key on the 
keyboard. And if you're using the keyboard to play, hit the RETURN key. 

Printed in Hong Kong